La Ermita – The Hermitage

And Its Future


The Essence of Spirituality

The essence and existence of God is Eternal Unconditional Love.

Love is the very life of the Three Divine Persons that exist in God. We name their essence “God.” We name Their “Persons” “Father, Mother and Son.”

The Nature of the Divine Father is Creator; the Nature of the Divine Mother Sophia is that which forms and establishes an “at home” family love environment in all that the Father creates.

The nature of God, as God, is both male and female. The individual Person of God gives expression primarily to either the male or female aspect of the infinite essence and nature of God.

All that is created exists within Them and through Them. Nothing can exist outside of Them or be separated from Them. The Divine Persons ARE existence by their very nature as God.

All that is created is of its very essence Love, the Life of God, and it is the only “life” that is. And all is created in some way to the image and likeness of the Divine Essence of God. The intelligent created beings have a natural eternal desire to become more like the Divine Father and Mother.

In the Book of Genesis, the Divine Father, as the masculine nature of God, created first, the world and then Adam and Eve in whom He shared more of his masculine image and likeness. The Book of Proverbs expresses how Mother Sophia, the divine person of “feminine” nature, shared with the Father Her image and likeness that unified Their Family Love experience and awareness as God with all creation, but especially with all human beings. That experience we call the “at home,” a Love Family environment existing in Them, the creators.

But with the passing of centuries, the angelic and human creation made choices of life that did not increase their capacity to love and be united in the Divine Family of their Beloved Divine Parents.

So, our Divine Father and Mother sent their Divine Son to dwell among us in order to personally invite us to return home, first, to the living of our divine home here on earth and then in heaven. Jesus shared that by his living and teaching and radiating his tremendous divine family love.

At the end of his mission, He told his followers that before they could begin sharing and living the fullness of his mission, they needed to be “born again” with the love of the Divine Mother Sophia.

That very important event began on Pentecost Sunday, the day when over 3000 people were immediately filled with a Divine Love that was so great that it spontaneously united them all together as One Family, sharing all they had with each other, just as is done in the true Divine Family of the Three Divine Persons of God. That union of love was accomplished primarily by Mother Sophia, not by our Father or Jesus.

La Ermita’s Divine Mission

This living of the Divine Family among us on earth is the mission of La Ermita – The Hermitage.

The founder of La Ermita in Atlanta and Macon was a “Peter” giving an invitation to return home on the human and spiritual level to those who needed one. They came to experience that love, and then left to live and share it with others. But he was able to do this only with the help of those who were feminine, those with a “mothers” nature. Don’t forget that women were always with Jesus and the disciples during those three years of living his mission.

So, just as with what happened at the end of Jesus’ life with his disciples, La Ermita – the Hermitage will now expand its calling as Jesus did through Peter. Now is the time for the “at home” love experience to become a reality for all, and that is the work of our beloved Mother Sophia. It is She that gives everyone this tremendous ability to share family love and compassion with all.

So, in some way La Ermita’s mission will be the same, the inviting of all to come back “home” by the man who as a ‘father’ represents our Heavenly Father, and who then allows all those coming forth to be reborn by Mother Sophia who shares Her Motherly “at home” gift of love with all, but especially with the “reborn women” who represent Her presence so that the Divine Family may continue to exist truly here on earth as it is in heaven.

The living and giving of an “at home” environment belongs primarily to women. It is they, united with Mother Sophia, who primarily make divine love present among us as family. Women being feminine, as is Mother Sophia, are able to share Her Divine Love deeply.

Thus, the union of the “father and mother” on both the human and spiritual level will create and form the true divine Family profoundly because they are true images of the divine nature of God the Father and God the Mother present among them.

Such an invitation to experience this divine family love is needed greatly because at this time the “Divine Family” of God, the church, has almost been eliminated by men who are not ‘fathers,’ but rather men who have established the Divine Family Church as an institution where law and authority are more important than love and compassion; where men are more important than women.

Love must be experienced, felt within. Without the loving presence of a mother whose love basically gives all of us the “feeling of being at home” within ourselves, that human aspect of love is not felt, and the same exists on the divine level. The Divine Motherly Love of Mother Sophia is not felt and experienced.

So, very soon, La Ermita – The Hermitage will be sending forth a man chosen by our beloved Divine Father and Mother to call forth this “home” among us men and women, and his call will bring forth a unity of men along with a unity of women who are sharing Mother Sophia’s “mother” figure. Only then will the human and divine Family blossom forth abundantly. It will all happen spontaneously and naturally.

Both the human and spiritual level of family life are always united! That is the nature of Divine Love and that is Who We Are. We Are Love, created and formed as such by our Divine Father and Mother Who Are Love. They can create only Who They Are just as we can only do the same. We Are Love!


February 16, 2023

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