The Fruit of Love, Now ††Forbidden?





It is time to rethink some important aspects of why we are here on earth.



†††††††††††††††††††††† ††††



††††††† Pills?

††††††† Sorry, pills cannot do what

††††††† an experience of love can do!


Who are we?

We are creatures of love because we were created by a God who is totally unconditional love. He cannot create that which He is not.

There is only one kind of love, and it is Divine Love because God is Love. Since we are also a union of body, soul and spirit, that means that every part of our body, soul and spirit is an instrument of the love that we are.


Love Is One

We know that we are love and loved when we experience it. Love is an experience that is received and given unconditionally.

It fills us with peace, tranquility, patience, joy, happiness, goodness, forgiveness, vitality and pleasure, all dwelling within us in various degrees, not only in the body, but also the soul and spirit.


Love Grows

Our Heavenly Triune God is a loving social Being. They are a loving Divine Family, Father, Mother Holy Spirit and Son. Consequently, we too of our very nature are family since we are made to their image and likeness.


Being social by nature, we truly mature in an integrated way by being embraced, kissed and caressed in some way by others, and by sharing our love with others in the way that they can accept it from us.


We are born in family, Their Family. We are born in love, Their love. That is our divine inheritance as a child of our Beloved Father and Mother. We cannot avoid being one with Them and others. We cannot avoid desiring to be one with all. Our very hugs and caresses express our desire to be one with the one who is receiving our love, our very being.


However, living in a world of contracts and conditions, actions and decisions which cause separation of ourselves from others, we need to know that sometimes our negative fears of not being loved nor able to share love may push us to use certain parts of our body as instruments of harm rather than instruments of love.


Despite the problems, we must never forget that since God is Love, and since everyone dwells within God, that Divine Love dwelling with us, whenever we allow it, will heal us of that which is broken within us. True love of its nature heals the needs of our selfish desires. It heals our anxieties, tensions and hurts from rejections. Love heals. Love lasts. Love is Divine.


Our True Inner Desire Is Always To Love

To help us make the right choices, letís accept our body, especially our sexual organs, as an instrument of love, rather than as a toy.

Letís thank God always for the moments we receive and share love, never forgetting that it is also Their love that we shared. Letís look at one another and the world from a loving heart rather than from law. If we happen to hurt or abuse someone instead of loving them, letís ask for forgiveness, and then, that Love will heal the wounded heart. Never forget that we are love, because we are made to Godís image and likeness.


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