Our Blessed and Glorious Feastday

 The Resurrection of Jesus

He was lifted up this day. For that we celebrate.

But, we celebrate more because we are aware

 That we too have been lifted up with Him!

This is our glorious blessing today!


Rejoice and be Glad



Alleluia, Alleluia

Rejoice and be glad,

For He has risen!


1.     Rejoice, you my friends, Alleluia

    Your Lord is not here, He is risen.

    He goes before you; He walks this land;

    Remember what He said, He would rise again!

2.    Your Lord and your Master, He has conquered sin;

    He has overcome death, He lives again.

    Tell the world the great news, do not be sad;

    He’ll fill your life with peace. Rejoice and be glad.

3.    Rejoice you my friends, his power He has shown;

        This life He now has you too will know.

        You will know the risen life; you will know his


        He will send his Spirit to draw you close.

                                          Hymn and music by Teo