Who is Sophia?

It is relatively easy for us to have a relationship with Jesus and our Heavenly Father because Jesus is a human being and our Father fits our image of Fatherhood. But when it comes to relating to a Spirit, or to a Dove, or a Tongue of Fire we are in a difficult situation. How do we love a dove as a person? A dove for us is an animal, not a person. How do we love a spirit as a person?

Without realizing it we refer to the Holy Spirit more as a power than as a person, more like an invisible force than a visible person, something that was felt or experienced rather than seen. But the Holy Spirit is a Person.

When we look through the Old and New Testaments we constantly see references to the Spirit of Wisdom, whom we have come to know as the Holy Spirit. There is even a Book of Wisdom dedicated to Her. But Wisdom is feminine in Scripture. And would that not indicate that the Holy Spirit is feminine?

We also notice that the Holy Spirit’s activities are expressed in 'giving birth,' 'nurturing,' 'forming,' and 'mothering’ all the Father's creation. These are feminine characteristics. Her activities in Scripture are different from those of the Father and Son.

We have always known that within the Godhead, the Trinity, there was a family, the Family of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But a family is not possible without a father and mother. So, even though the Holy Spirit is not named Mother, She possesses the characteristics of Divine Motherhood as the Father possesses those of Divine Fatherhood. Consequently, there are many reasons for accepting the Holy Spirit as feminine.

But why call her Sophia? Sophia is a Greek word for wisdom as well as a name. So, to call Her by a name given Her in Scripture would make it easier for us to relate to Her as a Person, and not just as a power. She needs and wants to be known and experienced today as a Person just as our Father and Jesus are.

Remember, there are three Persons in God, the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All three want to be known primarily as a Person. They are more than a cosmic power or force in the world. The Father, as creator, has been known as a Person since the beginning of creation. The Son became known as a Person when He was born into this world as Jesus in order to bring salvation to creation. Now is the time for the Holy Spirit to be known as a Person, Sophia, the One who gives restores all of creation.