Madness in 2013 or Blessing?


We all were born into this world filled with unconditional love, but since we found ourselves living in a disordered, busy and demanding time we have lost the awareness of that true love and unknowingly accepted the attitude that all love was conditional. We even applied that to our God, and molded much of our religious faith to express the same.


Unfortunately, the acceptance of conditional love as real love opened the door within our hearts and churches for the growth of pride, avarice, hatred, revenge, etc. These are the passionate negative feelings that became the protectors of conditional love. Thus,  this predominant living within the confines of conditional love not only made our hearts burn within from these negative passionate feelings, but it has also burned down the presence of the church of Pentecost. As a result, pride, greed and hatred have reigned. But that is not the end because the Holy Spirit has rebuilt her church.


Death is never the end, but rather a transition to a resurrected life that is given by Her. She raises us up, uniting us in her life of unconditional love. She has done this from the beginning, and if we are observant, we will notice that She has rebuilt Her church of unconditional love again. It is beautiful to behold even though it is very simple.


On entering we will become aware of the presence of millions already dwelling there. We will also instinctively know that every one of them arrived after having faced the fear of death. They realized that living a life of conditional love with one another and with our Beloved Triune God, the life of their Ego, was not who they are. 


Entrance into Her experiential presence transforms us, baptizes us in Her Spirit. It radically changes our conscious relationship towards our self and all from being self centered to other centered. We begin to feel and live with joy the presence of that unconditional love. But since this experience is only the beginning of a renewed life, we are now able to see the presence of our “dirty laundry” within us that is the residue of our former thought–to-be “love.” 


The interior “house cleaning” begins the moment we allow the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to function within us. These Gifts (divine positive energy/grace) are the opposite of the capital sins and their temptations (negative egoistical energy). The latter belong to the conditional love which covered and buried the presence of our unconditional love. As these Gifts grow within us, not only does the interior of Her church begin to be beautifully decorated, but also our inner home.  And the presence of all those living together in Her Church filled with her Gifts constantly inspires each of us to be more of who we are, Her Unconditional Love.


This process of growth cannot be kept within ourselves or within “our” church. Just as our Heavenly Father, Mother and their Son were compelled to share Their unconditional love with others, so also are we. After all, we are made to their image and likeness.


We cannot avoid returning to the marketplace of the world. We cannot avoid inviting others to come and experience within themselves the same. However, that returning in order to bring them into the “fold” is no longer done as before. We are not preaching a doctrine, rather we are simply sharing unconditional love. We are not overpowering them with our blessings, not trying to convert and conquer them to our way of thinking and living. We are coming first and foremost to only be the presence of unconditional divine love among them. We are here to embrace them with our compassionate love, not to force it on them. This is the Divine Way. This is the way of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost. We have left behind the conditional love’s need to conquer. We are unconditional Lovers.


At the right moment, they will ask how they can obtain what we have. At the right moment they will want to join us as we keep returning to the church to be refreshed and filled with more unconditional love, along with the Gifts of the Spirit that are given to us to share with all for the common good. Slowly, this church will be most beautiful to behold. This is the Heaven on Earth that Revelations speaks about.


My beloved brothers and sisters, the old church as an institution is gone. It has burned itself up with its false understanding of love and its illicit passions.  But the church as a family of unconditional love is alive. We have chosen to live within the restored church. We have chosen to live with Her Life rather than our selfish life. And let us continue to grow in Her Life as we joyfully use the Gifts that will bind us more and more together as one. For that is who we are: We are all one in our beloved WE AM who are One. We are unconditional love.