Who Am I, Really?

Brothers and Sisters,

We know that our Heavenly Father is infinite Light and Love. That is his very BEING. As a result, all of His creation is, of its very BEING, Light and Love. It cannot be any other way because there is nothing that can exist outside of His BEING. We human BEINGS are truly the same as He is, namely BEINGS who are an individualized point of His Light and Love.

In the Book of Genesis we read that God simply said: “Let it BE.” And so it is, because the verb “to create” or “make” implies that something becomes an object. Nothing can be an object to Him because He only IS. 

Now, in order for us Human BEINGS to grow into more of His BEING He had to bring into BEING a place where He is not immediately visible. That place is the earth and the whole universe, a place of “darkness” so to speak because His Light and Love are not immediately visible. Such a state of BEING for those who dwell here can be called “original darkness.” Our present Christian theology calls it “original sin,” but in reality it is not sin. It is merely the absence of being aware of who we really are.

Consequently, by living in this state we have the ability to remove the “darkness” so that we can find who we truly are on a deeper level of our inner Light and Unconditional Love.

This is a difficult struggle. Some of us seem to have chosen, at the moment, not to rise above the original darkness and its love with conditions. Others seem to have chosen to descend further within it. Others seem to have arrived at different levels of altruistic living. And finally others have been able to breakthrough and find a more beautiful inner Self, the Self of Unconditional Love. 

No matter how we may be living in this life, we cannot eternally be a failure, never! We all will arrive at the moment where we will realize who we truly are even though it may take some of us longer than others. The separation from Divine Light and Love, “original darkness,” is only temporary. We have an eternity to achieve it. Such absence will only make the heart grow fonder.

All this can be stated in another way: our work on earth as a human BEING is to move from BEING in things outside of ourselves to BEING within ourselves where we experience BEING the Divine Light and Love who we are. Jesus said: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you!”

Father, Sophia and Jesus, these thoughts call for a radical change in our attitude towards You, creation and ourselves. One thing will help us tremendously in that change and we ask you to bless us with it, namely, lead us to know and experience that Love IS, that we do not have to MAKE love. We already ARE love. All we need to do is BE love in all that we do. Please touch us deeply so that this attitude can BE in us. Amen.