An Invitation to all Inactive Priests

The Church of John Needs Priests and Ministers



In the beginning, Christianity consisted of three main churches, all united as one: the Church of Peter, the Church of John and the Church of Paul. The Church of Peter is the Roman Church. The Church of John consists of mystics, those Christians dedicated to contemplative prayer and the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is primarily dedicated to experiencing divine love within oneself and in all of one’s relationships in the world. The Church of Paul is the evangelistic church, which for the most part today is the Protestant Church. Even though the churches have grown apart, each one is whole and complete only when they are united as one. Today there is a quiet grassroots movement in the Church of John that can unite the three again. Unlike the Church of Peter and Paul, the Church of John is not an institution. Rather, it is a “church” that dwells in the spirit and heart of each person. 


With the beginning of the charismatic renewal 40 years ago, the Church of John began to leave the monasteries, the hermitages, the retreat centers, and the secret association of the Knights Templar who dwelt in the mountains of Bosnia for many years, in order to dwell in the homes of the average Christian. The spirituality movements of the eastern and western religions, the James Twyman and Neale D. Walsch’s movements, along with the large number of apparitions of Mary have all drawn millions of ordinary Christians into living a mystical life of love and prayer, the very life of the Church of John.


Many of these new mystics have leaders to help them continue their growth, but many do not. The tremendous need of those who do not can be filled by the inactive priests of today. They are a large group that possesses a wealth of spiritual resources. Their formation in Mystical and Ascetical Theology and prayer has now the experience of the dark night of the senses and/or soul which has freed them of many fears. With their experiences and leadership the faithful in the Church of John will be able to avoid falling again into the problems of Gnosticism and Quietism.


In their name an invitation is extended to all the inactive clergy to continue following the call in their hearts, and invite those who also wish to grow with them to join together as a small community in this walk of experiencing the Love of our Beloved Father, Son and Holy Spirit through contemplative prayer and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


These small community groups can meet in their homes, spending quiet time together in prayer, sharing their spiritual journey, Breaking Bread together with a simple ceremony, followed by silent prayer, and concluding with the leader’s blessing over each individual present. Afterwards, all can join in fellowship around the table over a cup of coffee.


Since love grows in and through the difficulties of relationships, we need each other to help us on our way. Slowly, then, our growing in love will melt the present need to fight and wage war within our relationships with ourselves and one another as well as with the world.  


La Ermita – The Hermitage began in 1994 as such a community, and it has an abundance of material for discussion that it will gladly share with a group, helping them get started. This community has no formal membership, no dues nor collections, no rules nor regulations. We are only Children of our God, brothers and sisters, who want to become more aware of who we are and what great love we already possess, because we are the children of our Heavenly Father and Mother.


If you are interested as a priest/minister to join in this wonderful ministry of the Church of John, please share your desire with others, and let the Holy Spirit lead you to start a group. If we can be of help, do not hesitate to email us at La Ermita.  May the love of our Beloved Father, Holy Spirit and Son continue to fill you and all of us so that we can share it abundantly with others.


Love and blessings in Sophia, the Holy Spirit,