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Hymn: As the Deer

Written by Martin Nystrom

1.As the deer panteth for water,

So my soul longeth after Thee.

You alone are my heart’s desire,

And I long to worship Thee.



You alone are my strength, my shield,

To You alone may my spirit yield.

You alone are my heart’s desire,

And I long to worship Thee


2. I want You more than gold or silver.

Only You can satisfy.

You alone are the real joy giver,

And the Apple of my eye.


3. You’re my friend and You are my brother/him,

Even though You are a King.

I love You more than any other/him,

So much more than anything.


(In using this Celebration a short biography of the problems and successes of the departed one could be inserted into or replace the first paragraph in order that the remainder of the celebration can be better understood. This celebration has been prepared using excerpts from Home With God by Neale Walsch.)


Dear friends,


We have come together because we all are united today in spirit by a common bond, the experience of the physical loss of N.N., (a wife, mother, sister) and a friend. We all feel deep grief within. These are very natural feelings which we cannot deny nor repress. They exist because the physical presence of our dear one is no longer with us.


magnolia after rain.jpgAt the same time, from N.N.’s point of view, this is the most wonderful and exciting moment of her/his life. It is truly a moment of celebration. For just as we celebrate the birth of a new born baby into this physical world, who happens to be a beloved friend coming from the spiritual realm, so we celebrate the rebirth of N.N. into the spiritual realm from which she/he originally came. Her/his Home, and the Home of all of us, which has been “unseen” during her/his physical life, is now very vibrantly present, with all its glory. She/he is surrounded with all her/his friends, angels and God. Please allow me to explain.


We and God are one. There is no separation between us. It is impossible to live or to die without God. Nothing can exist outside of God. Therefore, everything is within God. Thus, we and God are one. This awareness changes the context within which we experience everything in our life that has happened, is happening and ever will happen.


Understanding our unity with the Divine makes it far less difficult to remember and embrace the truth that we are the cause of our own death, no matter how we die. We cannot die against our will. Nothing happens that we do not want to have happened. All that happens to us in this life we chose in order to experience that which we already knew in the spirit, even all our scars and traumas of life. No one placed them there. We chose them. To think otherwise would be to turn ourselves into a victim, and someone else into a villain. Knowing this can make our path to completion of what we want to experience in this world less arduous, and our death more peaceful. God is us. God is everything. There is nothing that is not God.


God is the Creator and that means that we, too, are creators. God creates all of life, and we create all of our life. It’s that simple. If we think of it that way, we can hold it in our consciousness. We and God are creating all the time. We, on the micro level, and God, on the macro level.


Without the ocean, the wave does not have the power to be a wave. Without God, we do not have the power to be ourselves. And without ourselves, our power is not made manifest. Our joy is to make God manifest. The joy of humanity is to manifest God. Life is God, made physical.


What is important to understand is that there is no single way in which life makes God physical. Some waves are small, barely a ripple, while other/him waves are huge, thunderous in their sweep. Yet, whether minuscule or monstrous, there is always a wave. There is not a time when there is not a wave on the ocean. And while every wave is different, not a single one is divided from the ocean itself.

Rose opening.bmp


Yes, we are different from God, but we are not divided from God. The fact that we are not divided from God is why we can never die. The wave lands on the beach, but it does not cease to be. It merely changes form, receding back into the ocean.


The ocean does not get “smaller” every time a wave hits the sand. Indeed, the incoming wave demonstrates, and therefore reveals, the ocean’s majesty. Then, by receding into the ocean, it restores the ocean’s glory. The presence of the wave is evidence of the existence of the ocean. Our presence is evidence of the existence of God.


So, death does not exist. We cannot die. We are not our bodies. We are not our minds. We are something far greater. We are spirit that has been dwelling temporarily in a body. We leave our body only when the mission we came to accomplish is complete.


It is said that when we die we go home to God. But we cannot return to God because we never left God, and our soul and spirit knows this.


Death is never a tragedy. It is always a gift. If we can see death as a gift, then we can see everything else in life, especially our “little deaths” – meaning any defeat or loss – as a gift as well. And then there will be no more sorrow. Not for us and not for anyone else. When we live all our deaths well, we let others live WITH our deaths well. The little ones, and the big one.


roseyellow.bmpIf we fear the big death it is because of what we have been taught. But when we accept the fact that there is no place called hell, death becomes a powerful moment of creation. It is designed for going TO something, not for escaping FROM something. Death IS life, simply continuing in a different way.


At the moment of death we will experience what we believe, and our belief will be based on what we perceive, and our perception will be based on our perspective. For example, we can get caught in the rain without protection and get very angry, or we can dance in the rain for joy. The rain is the same. The perspective which we created is different. So it is with our perspective of ‘death.’


So what happens at the moment of death? First of all, we will instantly experience that life has gone on. It has not ended. There could be a brief period of disorientation, as we come to realize that we are not with our body, but, instead, are now separate from it. While we have died, we have not ended our life. We are not our body.


Next, and this stage can be different for everyone, we will experience exactly what we expected. If we died thinking that we would go to heaven, we will immediately experience that, and if we think that we deserve hell, we will immediately experience that.


We may remain in these experiences as long as we wish. But remember, hell does not exist. So, in this circumstance we have created our personal “hell,” but we will not stay there for one moment longer than we choose to.


Or again, at the moment after our ‘death’ we will find ourselves in the presence of the most loving angels, guides and gentle spirits, including the spirit of everyone who has ever been important to us in our life. They will all offer enormous help and assistance in becoming oriented. Many people see these even before they actually die. If we do not experience the presence of these spirits at the time of our death it will be because we do not expect to.


And finally, at the third stage we will pass through the tunnel and be merged with God and begin to experience the Ultimate Reality at the Core of our Being, which is our spirit. God is always present at this stage to greet everyone, to embrace them, comfort them, welcome them and assure them that they are perfect just the way they are, and perfectly ready to enter into the Kingdom of heaven.


Hymn: I Have Loved You

Author unknown at this moment




I have loved you with an everlasting love,

I have called you and you are mine;

I have loved you with an everlasting love,

I have called you and you are mine.


1.Seek the face of the Lord and long for him.

He will bring you his light and his peace.


2. Seek the face of the Lord and long for him.

He will bring you his joy and his peace.


3. Seek the face of the Lord and long for him.

He will bring you his care and his love.


But before we move on God asks us one very important question: do we wish to return to the physical world or do we wish to continue on with our journey into the spiritual realm? The choice is ours. We only return when we realize that we did not complete our goals that we set for that life. Nearly every person who is dying is not dying for the first time. If they choose, this time, to ‘stay dead,’ it is because they feel really complete with what they came here to do.


Therefore, we cannot begrudge them their moving on, nor feel angry because they have not come back. They came back to us many times before to keep us company out of their sense of wishing to be complete with us and with all the rest of what they chose to accomplish in their life.


RoseBudding.jpgHaving chosen to move on in our growth we will leave with our loved ones and angels who will guide us the rest of our way into the spiritual realm to continue our work of further/him growth in knowledge and awareness, especially of love.


In the beginning we mentioned that we are one in and with God. That also means that we are one with one another/him. We are one no matter where we are. The fact that some of us may be dwelling temporarily in this physical realm does not separate us. We are all one, no matter where we dwell, because God is one and God is everywhere.


Therefore, N.N. is with us even now as we celebrate her/his physical life among us. When we are quiet and very sensitive we will be able to sense her/him, feel her/him and maybe even “hear” her/him. This is not something new. We have heard stories in abundance of the departed loved one “visiting” those who remain behind. Remember, perspective creates perception.


What we see is what we get, and what we get is what we see. If we are sad, it is because of the way we are looking at things. If we are being inwardly joyous, it is for exactly the same reason. How we look at things is a choice we make. We decide what we want to see, and then having placed it there, we will find it there. Love never separates us. Love always keeps us united because God is Love. 


As we celebrate the moment that N.N. said, “It is finished! I have completed my goal in this life!” we allow her/him soul and spirit to celebrate as well, releasing it to the unspeakable wonders of its larger reality, honoring its presence in our lives, in its former physical form, now in this moment, and even forever more. Let us celebrate the wonder of Who She/He Is, and of the unspeakable love of a God who created all this for her/him and for us.


Let us celebrate with joy because N.N. has touched us all with her/his gifts. She/he has shared much with us! All has been done marvelously well!


Hymn: On Eagles’ Wings

Written by Michael Joncas


1.You who dwell in the she/helter of the Lord,

Who abide in his shadow for life,

Say to the Lord: “My Refuge,

My Rock in whom I trust!”


2. The snare of the fowler will never capture you,

And famine will bring you no harm;

Under his wings your refuge,

His faithfulness your shield.


3. For to His angels He’s given a command

To guard you in all of your ways;

Upon their hands they will bear you up,

Lest you dash your foot against a stone.



And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings,

Bear you on the breath of dawn,

Make you to shine like the sun,

And hold you in the palm of His hand.


Last Chorus:

And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings,

Bear you on the breath of dawn,

Make you to shine like the sun,

And hold you in the palm of His hand.

And hold you,

Hold you in the palm of His hand.



garden flowers.jpg



And so we pray:


Dear N.N., as you have already experienced, God is with you right now, whispering to your soul, “You are welcome Home, my Dear.” You already know that He did not turn you away, not for any cause or reason. If there was cause or reason you believed to be valid, you felt Him invalidate it. You heard his voice proclaiming aloud to all of heaven, “Make way for my beloved, who chooses to be Home with Me.”


You have embarked on the most joyful journey you have ever taken, filled with wondrous surprises. A journey into the greatest happiness you have ever known, and the grandest experience you will ever have. Dream now of glorious things. Dream of every fantasy come true because every pain has disappeared. Rejoice in seeing your loved ones once again – those who have gone before and those who will follow. 


Do not worry about us whom you have left behind, for you will see us, too, again and again, and love us, again and again, through all eternity, and even in the present moment. For there can be no separation where there is love, and no waiting where there is only Now. So continue to smile at the joyful anticipation of what is in store.




 garden flowers



Heavenly Father/him, thank you for sharing N.N. with us on this earth. Thank you for giving to her/him the opportunity to come to this physical world as she/he chose. She/he did not choose an easy path. Thank you for leading her/him well, giving her/him all the grace and energy she/he needed to experience the totality of the events of her/his life, no matter how painful and joyful they were. She/he has truly blessed us with your presence. Knowing her/him, we know you more! Even though each of us has chosen a different road to experience and feel in this life, we thank you for our beloved sister because she/he has given us an example of what this life is all about.


And so dear N.N., we again thank you for all the help you have given and will give us as we continue our journey. We thank you also for being at our side along with our Heavenly Father as we move on to live this life with love and joy! Until we see and embrace each other in the spiritual realm as we did here on this earth, peace, joy and love are you, and you are us, now and always. So it is, and so it shall be, for ever and ever. Amen.



Closing Hymn: Love Can Build a Bridge

Music by the Judds


1.I’d gladly walk across the desert

With no shoes upon my feet

To share with you the last bite

Of bread I had to eat.

I would swim out to save you

In your sea of broken dreams

When all your hopes are sinkin’

Let me show you what love means.



Love can build a bridge

Between your heart and mine.

Love can build a bridge.

Don’t you think its time?

Don’t you think its time?


2. I would whisper love so loudly

Every heart could understand

That love and only love

Can join the tribes of man.

I would give my hearts desire

So that you might see

The first step is to realize

That it all begins with you and me.


3. When we stand together/him

It’s our finest hour.

We can do anything, anything.

Keep believin’ in the power.


flowers bouquet.jpg