The Gospel






It is time to rethink some important aspects of who we are and why we are living on this earth.







“If I have knowledge and comprehend all  mysteries and have not love, I am nothing. There are in the end three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.”


The Divine Nature of God


God by divine nature is infinite, all powerful, all knowing.  As God, He cannot be a failure in anything.

As God, everything exists within Him. Everything shares His Life, His Being.


Unconditional love is His Divine Energy, the life of God. It is God’s personhood. God is Family: Father God, Mother God and their Son God, united in total unconditional love. Three Persons in One God.


The powerful love within Father God and Mother God (the Holy Spirit) of its very essence begot, not made, their Divine Son. 

That same love brought forth all of creation from within the two of Them.


Everything is created in some way in their image and likeness. God cannot create any other way. Their creation is such an integral part of themselves that Mother God took to Herself an angelic spirit-body to become even more one with the angelic creation. The person of that union is called Sophia.


The Son of God also became an integral part of our human creation by taking to himself a body like ours. The person of that union is called Jesus. All intelligent beings (persons) are especially created to Their image and likeness.

We all are an integral part of their Divine Family. We are One with Them and They are One with us, and we are One with one another. They live in us and we live in Them. This is who we are.


No Pain, No Gain


We chose to come to this world in order to grow more in the Divine Love that we are. We chose also the obstacles we needed to experience for our growth. But, when we entered this world, this knowledge became hidden.


In this world, we have covered love with conditions and contracts. That, in turn, created negative fears within us, causing us to separate from one another in different degrees. Negative fear provides our “ego” with the excessive power we feel that is needed to protect ourselves. Thus, we hurt each other as we struggle to grow in true love. Even still, all this creates within us the desire to seek healing experiences.  


We Are Love

Love always heals, because it unifies us. Love also heals us because it empowers us to forgive of each other. The two go hand in hand. With Love, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, given to us for the common good, flow out of us. With Love, we are the beautiful Family of God.

(Taken from The Gospel of Love, A Hermit’s coming out)


              La Ermita - The Hermitage

                           Macon, GA